Meet the Team Behind DLR Electric

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    Rob Morin Owner and Operator

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    Guy Sanders 4th Year Electrical Apprentice

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    John Polk Journeyman Electrician

Our History The Story of DLR Electric

DLR Electric has been in business since 2006. DLR Services Advance Engineering and Mckesson Canada in there maintenance and new installs. We have installed Diesel Generators for Mckesson and the Regina Canada post office. We set up and took care of Waschuck Pipeline and there repair yard out in White city. (Temporary gen power/office trailers/shop then connected them to utility. DLR has renovated 18 suite apartments that turned into condos for infinite re-developments. We also have taken care of coast spas customers hot tub installs many with different challenges. DLR also has always taken care of our smaller customers no job to small new lights and/or plugs. DLR has extensive experience in troubleshooting electrical problems.

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