Regina Generator Repair

Regina Generator Repair

Rob repairing a deisel backup generator for an industrial work site.Regina generator repair specialists help keep our city humming even when outages occur.In the worst of conditions, a properly installed electrical backup system and generator could save your business thousands in lost revenues. When the power goes out productivity halts, inventory can expire, and accidents can occur that leave your business open to property damage and litigation. If you have a backup generator that’s great news and your on your well on your way to protecting your business.  However, if you require a backup generator installation, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you out if you get in touch with us here.

Great! Now that you have a backup generator in place lets look at what other measures you should take. We are by no means a safety authority or a replacement for proper council where needed and we highly suggest you seek our the right safety authorities for your emergency outage measure. Common sense does force you to ask yourself “when the power goes out, what are the immediate concerns that face my business”. Depending on the type of business this can be a number of factors.

-lost capital from shop lifting

-spoiling products such a food

-liability of customers and employees being injured on your premise

-lost revenue from lost production or operation

-serious accidents that can harm or kill human life

How Much Backup Generator Do I need?

Depending on how much power you want to return to your business during an unplanned outage will also determine you backup generator needs. Often times we find that most of our clients fall short on the power needs to feel comfortable in an outage. Again, you can get in touch with us to find out if your existing backup system will support your business in an unplanned outage.

Maintaining and Repairing The Generator

Your generator requires frequent repair and maintenance. “Iv never run my generator, why do I need my generator repaired?” I hear you ask. Simply put, just like a smoke detector, it should be tested and maintained frequently. Even though the generator has never run, the electrical system attached to it is constantly running and like a smoke detector, can have a few things fail over time. Thing like batteries, resisters, fuses and sensors all run constantly to monitor the “status” of the environment so it can take action when people need it.

Backup power systems play a vital role in many environments.saving lives in some cases. All businesses, will greatly benefit from making sure that their backup power system and diesel generator fires up when it is needed most.

If however the generator still fails to work and its of highest priority to restore power, DLR Electric provides an emergency generator repair service. Our team will come troubleshoot a fix your system as quick as possible.

Electricity is the lifeblood of a modern world. Having it pulled away from your business abruptly van cause lose of revenue, products and even people without a proper backup system in place. A backup power generator is one of the best “”insurance policies” any business can have as it actually prevents these unwanted things from occurring.

To ensure your business is prepared for an unexpected outage call one of DLR’s backup power specialists at (306) 737-4453

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