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regina data wiringData wiring, also known as data cabling, is the service of running wire in a building that transfers any information. This ranges from simple information like audio all the way up to complex information like Internet connection. DLR Electric’s data wiring services:

-voice cabling (phone lines)
-CAT3, CAT5e, CAT6 data wiring
-coaxial and security alarm cabling
-Internet connectivity
-cable auditing and mapping
-termination of cabling in faceplates and jack

data wiring can be found everywhere and used by everyone on a daily basis. This may be at home or at the office. DLR primarily provides these services to businesses as these are critical functions of every business.

Not all cabling companies created equally

business communications are such a critical function of every day business. That’s why it’s important that your communication data wiring is installed or repaired by competent professionals. Many electricians fail to optimally set up the systems. They choose poor quality product based on price even though there is 15 different networking cable types alone and all have uses in specific applications. Many also fail to terminate at the face plates which lead to severe networking issues in the future. The LR electric is highly knowledgeable in the field of data wiring and can help install your optimal system or repair one that has held your company performance back for too long.

To ensure your business communications are performing optimally, call one of DLR’s data wiring specialists at (306) 737-4453

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